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UFC Quick Quote: BJ Penn watch out ... Sean Sherk is bringing the 'heat'

Sean Sherk talks about BJ penn

"BJ is the kind of guy that likes to talk trash behind your back, but he's nice to your face. I don't know if he knew I was there [ringside at UFC 80] or what the deal was, but whatever man. I don't care. He could talk all of the smack he wants, it doesn't really matter to me. He's going to have to get in the cage and he's going to have to fight me and I'm not a pushover. I'm coming with a lot of heat, I'm coming with a lot of pressure and I could fight with the best of the best. It's not going to be an easy fight for him by any means and he's going to have to pay for his comments so we'll see. He's not going to walk through me and I don't think he's going to beat me to be honest with you. He's going to have to pay for his comments for sure now. It doesn't matter if he retracts them or not."

-- Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk comments during a interview on the UFC 80: "Rapid Fire" incident in which current titleholder BJ Penn called him "dead" when the two meet up for a highly-anticipated championship showdown later in 2008. "The Muscle Shark" and "The Prodigy" were supposed to clash at UFC 78: "Validation" in November 2007; however, Sherk was embroiled in a steroid suspension case at the time. The war of words has been ongoing for months.

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