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UFC Quick Quote: The 111 on Alan Belcher-Ricardo Almeida UFC 81 fight

Alan Belcher

"My speed and my strength and everything is like retarded right now. In this camp I was just concentrating on explosiveness and speed, and I think that I'm going to be the best athlete in the sport. You're going to see a whole different person than my old fights. Of course Almeida, in my opinion, is a lot tougher than Kalib. Not tougher, but a better competitor than Kalib Starnes, so it's going to be difficult. I really want to knock this guy out. If you really want to know how I feel about this fight, I need a knockout really bad. I can taste it. I haven't gotten the kind of knockout that I want. I want to just be dominant. I want to just drop him.... The prediction ... I have to say, Ricardo's gotta go in one minute and 11 seconds of the first round. I have been shown signs and ‘111' is the number. KO. Anchor punch."

-- Alan Belcher will look for his third consecutive win inside the Octagon when he takes on veteran Ricardo Almeida in a middleweight tilt at UFC 81: "Breaking Point" on February 2. "The Talent" predicts a quick finish over the Renzo Gracie-trained Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt who returns to action after a three-year self-imposed layoff from mixed martial arts (MMA) competition. If he pulls it off it will be quite a feat ... "Cachorrao" is a fine addition to the 185-pound weight class.

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