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ShoXC Elite Challenger Series recap: Alvarez, Daley and Hose cruise to victory on Showtime

ShoXC recap

If you tuned in to watch the ShoXC event tonight on Showtime (as we suggested) then you made a wise decision.

The first fight of the night was Kala Kolohe Hose vs. Belleton Frederic, which as predicted didn't last very long.

Frederic looked good in the early going, using his reach advantage by delivering some nasty leg kicks. Hose looked frustrated with the attack, but kept punching away and landed some powerful uppercuts and body shots. Eventually, Hose -- who was winning most of the stand up exchanges -- unleashed a jaw dropping overhand right that floored Frederic for good.

Nice fight from Hose. Could the Robbie Lawler fight happen next for him ... finally?

The Bao Quach and Bobby McMaster fight was the only one to go the distance. From the very beginning Quach looked like the more confident fighter and outclassed McMaster with great Muay Thai, using numerous leg kicks, bodyshots and solid counter punching.

McMaster was able to put together a couple takedowns late in the first stanza and early in the second, but never caused any damage to Quach. He was pretty much dominated in the fight.

In the end, it was an easy unanimous decision for Quach.

In the co-feature fight of the night, Paul "Semtex" Daley reintroduced himself to the Showtime fans by stopping Sam Morgan in the first round.

Daley displayed some really impressive all around skills in the fight. He was taken down early by Morgan, but as able to work himself out of a bad position from his back. He then wrestled his way back to a standing position and was able to get off some huge knees from the clinch to Morgan's chest and chin followed once by a standing left elbow and then again by a devastating standing right elbow that dropped Morgan for good.

Wrestling, jui-jitsu, Muay Thai, power, speed and poise were all on display in the fight for Daley. He looks to be the real deal and wasn't shy about telling the cameras how he felt about himself afterwards.

In fact, he called out Eddie Alvarez and champ Jake Shields, saying "I'm the Fucking best and I'll beat anybody out there."

This guy could get the next shot at Jake Shields belt and that would be a very interesting and dangerous fight for Shields.

Finally the main event of the night : The EliteXC debut of Eddie Alvarez vs. Ross "The Boss" Ebanez.

Surprisingly, Alvarez shot in and got a takedown to start round one. He showed some nice wrestling and positioning on the ground, as well as a couple of solid knees from the clinch in the stand up. Late in the first frame a combination dropped Ebanez.

Ebanez looked to be hurt real bad when he went down, but he was able to recover and made it out of the round.

A recovered and energized Ebanez came out in round two fighting really aggressive and looked to be swinging the momentum his way until Alvarez tripped him on a takedown attempt. Both fighters landed on their knees, but Alvarez was in perfect position to drop a straight right that finally put Ebanez out.

Ebanez is a tough dude and took some punishment before finally going down. It was a very small window that opened up for Alvarez and he went right in. A very impressive debut for the "Beast from the East."

It was a good night of fights with some highlight reel knockouts ... as predicted. The fights were certainly entertaining and the Daley elbows and Hose overhand right were definitely highlight reel material.

There were two or three possible future EliteXC champs fighting tonight and they all won in impressive fashion. Keep an eye on Hose, Daley and Alvarez -- these guys are on the fast track to stardom.

For complete results of the ShoXC event tonight click here.

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