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UFC Quick Quote: Joe Stevenson to take about five months off after loss to BJ Penn

Bj Penn Joe Daddy

"I think I did good. I just got cut. I think it was getting better and better for me and sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.... I just opened up a new school here in my hometown of Victorville and I want to take about 5 months off before my next fight. I want to do everything right. I got another baby on the way with my beautiful wife. I want to keep everything in line and go out there with no distractions."

-- Joe Stevenson tells that he plans to take some time off after his submission loss to BJ Penn at UFC 80: "Rapid Fire" during the fight for the vacant lightweight championship. In the first round of the match "Daddy" was cut with a well-placed elbow and bled like a stuck pig. It more than likely had a significant impact on the relatively quick result of the fight.

(Thanks to for the tasty blood squirt image.)

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