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Matt Hughes: 'If Matt [Serra] loses, I'll be looking to fight him'

Matt hughes



"I told (UFC President) Dana (White) that I might take a little time off to see my family and because I'm starting this new gym, the H.I.T. Squad, and I'm getting my clothing line out there. But I want to see Georges and Matt fight, and I told Dana that I'd probably like to fight Matt Serra after that fight. If Matt loses, I'll be looking to fight him. The fans will definitely see me in the Octagon again. I will be there."

-- Former welterweight champion Matt Hughes sounds re-energized after a whirlwind book tour that took him across the United States. He checked in with Thomas Gerbasi at to talk about the success of his biography, "Made in America," (it's #21 on the New York Times bestseller list), as well as assure fans that he will not retire after the second lopsided loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 79: "Nemesis" last month. In fact, he asked UFC President Dana White to match him up with his coaching counterpart on season six of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), Matt Serra, ifs he loses to St. Pierre at UFC 84 in April. Hughes and Serra were supposed to fight at UFC 79 but Serra had to withdraw because of a serious injury he sustained to his back while training.

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