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UFC Quick Quote: It's win, nap or snap for Kurt Pellegrino tonight at UFN 12

Kurt Pellegrino

"I've seen all of his [Alberto Crane's] fights and he takes everyone down with stuff that he could never take me down with in a million years. So I'm insulted that he took this fight ... I'm taking it kind of personally. I hope his cardio is there because I'm not going to fight him like Roger Huerta did. I will take him into deeper water than that. If he wants to go to the floor let's rock and roll. He took this fight and now I'm going to bring it to him! I will never be as good at jiu-jitsu as Alberto, but I know I can out cardio him. Hell, I could out cardio Clay Guida [laughs]! I plan to frustrate Alberto a lot. I'm going for a submission or a knockout in round two. Either way this fight will not go to the judges. It is going to be bad because I'm not tapping! So Alberto if you get my head just finish me. If you get my arm break it so I can't use it. I'm not going to stop fighting. I have too much at stake my wife and my new daughter. I'm bringing them into the cage with me on the 23rd. I'm coming. Take this fight seriously because I'm coming for you!"

-- Kurt Pellegrino tells tells that he is all set for his lightweight showdown with Alberto Crane this evening at UFC Fight Night 12, which airs for free on SpikeTV at 9 p.m. ET. It should be a Brazilian jiu-jitsu clinic -- both competitors are black belts with tons of talent and technique. Not included in the snip above is that Pellegrino revealed to us that if he and Nate Diaz win tonight he'd be eager to take him on. Thanks to reader Jason Bradford for tracking Kurt down and sending a transcript of their discussion to us to publish on our site exclusively.

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