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'Strikeforce at the Dome' to feature 'giant' fight between Bob Sapp and Jan Nortje


Strikeforce will break out the reinforced steel cage on February 23 in Tacoma, Washington -- nearly 700 pounds of oversized men trying to hurt each other will surely challenge the integrity of any structure.

That's what will happen when 6'5" 350-pound Bob "The Beast" Sapp (9-2-1) makes his United States debut for Strikeforce against 6'11" 330-pound South African, Jan "The Giant" Nortje (1-5).

Clearly, Nortje's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) record is not good. And his K-1 record (9-17) is equally unimpressive.

But Nortje won't need to rely on his MMA background or his technical skills in this one. That's because he'll try to win this fight with raw punching power. He's had success in his career as a boxer (10-0) and as a kickboxer (14-12). He'll lean on that experience against Sapp in what is sure to be a gigantic slugfest.

In fact, Nortje is thrilled to have an opportunity against a big freak name like Sapp.

Here's a snip:

"I'm extremely excited. I've always seen Bob get big opportunities so I think it's my turn to show what I can do against him."

Sapp's name is huge in Japan. He's mostly known for his physical presence and just being a large and powerful human. Sapp has been criticized in the past for not taking his fights serious and just coming out on fight night and trying to win with intimidation.

That might not work against a guy nicknamed "the Giant".

Most fans remember Sapp for getting his orbital bone broken by Mirko Cro Cop or his arm locked up by Big Nog. He's proved less than worthy of competition like that ... at least for now (even though he just called out Fedor Emelianenko).

However, he is an interesting draw. And because this will mark the first fight in the states for Sapp, he will more than likely looking for a highlight reel knockout to boost his stock.

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