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UFC Quick Quote: Tito Ortiz accepts fight with Lyoto Machida (reluctantly) and it could be his last in UFC

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"I was expecting a bigger fight. I think the fans were expecting a bigger fight. I got pressed into it, and all of a sudden, it's all over the Internet that Tito Ortiz won't fight Machida. I'm just looking to get my final fight over with the UFC.... They said I wasn't worth the money. I was worth no more than what I'm getting paid now, and I'm not a commodity to them anymore. I'm not as viable to them anymore. That was a sign of disrespect.... With [UFC President Dana White] in charge, I don't think that fight will ever happen for me," said Ortiz. "Dana has bad blood for me and nothing but bad blood.... UFC is caring so much about the brand itself. They could care less about the fighters. Fighters are a dime a dozen. They'll keep coming. Dana is really out for himself and the company. He doesn't give a shit about the fighters. They're going to try and ruin me."

-- Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz confirms via that he will fight undefeated contender, Lyoto Machida, most likely at UFC 84 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 25. It's the last fight on his current deal. And it appears that it could be his last fight inside the Octagon based on his heated remarks in this article. "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" has gone on record that he will only negotiate with the Fertittas because he doesn't get along with Dana. So much for taking it right to the top ... the brass appears to be towing the same hard line. No financial terms were revealed regarding how much Tito was asking to renew his contract.

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