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UFC Fight Night 12 results coverage and LIVE fight commentary

UFC fight night 12 results

UFC Fight Night 12 set to go off tonight (January 23) at 9 pm ET from The Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The special event will air for FREE on SpikeTV.

As usual, will deliver LIVE fight coverage during the show, as well as quick updates of the prelim results that are NOW FLOWING.

Just scroll down the page for the latest fight updates.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the PPV telecast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Remember that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after UFC Fight Night 12.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 12 results. (Note — This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest results!)


Mike Swick defeats Josh Burkman via majority decision
Patrick Cote defeats Drew McFedries via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Thiago Tavares defeats Michihiro Omigawa via unanimous decision
Nate Diaz defeats Alvin Robinson via submission (triangle choke) in round one
Kurt Pellegrino defeats Alberto Crane via technical knockout (strikes) in round two
Gray Maynard defeats Dennis Siver via unanimous decision
Jeremy Stephens defeats Cole Miller via technical knockout (strikes) in round two
Corey Hill defeats Joe Veres via technical knockout (strikes) in round two
Matt Wiman defeats Justin Buchholz via submission (rear naked choke) in round one


DrubySunshine here. Tonight should be a good fight card with some solid action. Mike Swick will have his first fight at 170 against the solid Josh Burkman in what should be a good matchup. The hard hitting Drew McFedries will tangle with the talented Patrick Cote in what will hopefully be a stand up war. So enjoy Maniacs.

Mike Swick vs. Josh Burkman (170-pound limit)

Round one: Burkman clinches Swick up against the cage. Knees from Burkman. Swick answers with knees of his own. The ref breaks them up. Burkman with a solid right hook and pushes Swick up against the fence. Burkman with more knees to the thigh. Foot stomps from Burkman. Burkman with a slam. Now back to their feet. The ref separates them again. Hook from Swick. Body shot from Burkman. Swick looks tentative. Burkman with a huge left hook. Burkman pushes Swick up against the cage again. Foot stomps and knees from Burkman. Nice left hook from Swick, but Burkman answers with one of his own. Thats the round, Burkman took it 10-9 easy.

Round two: Hugh kick from Burkman. Spinning backfist from Burkman. Now their clinched up against the fence again. The ref breaks them up again. High kick by Swick might have hurt Burkman. Burkman lunges forward with a right. Swick with a good flurry. Leg kick from Swick. Spinning back kick from Swick lands on the body. Leg kick from Swick. High kick to the chin from Swick. Both fighters land simultaneous left hooks. Burkman rushes forward and their clinched up against the fence again. Burkman shoots again and now their clinched up against the fence. Thats the bell. That round goes to Swick, but overall a slow paced round Swick just landed more shots. 10-9 Swick.

Round three: Flying head kick from Burkman! Clinched against the fence again. Nice left from Swick and both guys exchange HUGE rights. Burkman lunges forward for a take down but is stuffed and now their clinched against the fence again. Nice right from Swick. Head kick from Swick. Great leg kick from Swick. Solid left hook from Burkman. Swick with a knee to the face of Burkman. Swick lands a great combo. Burkamn with a left hook. Burkman charges forward again but no dice. Now their clinched against the fence. The ref breaks em up again. Jab from Swick, now he goes for a flying knee and Burkman clinches him against the cage again. Thats the round. That one was close to call, no idea who wins this one. Id say Swick by the slimmest of margins but I wouldnt argue if they give Burkman the fight.

Final result: Mike Swick defeats Josh Burkman via majority decision


Patrick Cote vs. Drew McFedries (185-pound limit)

Round one: McFedries comes out with a solid left. Cote with a nice right. Drew with a huge uppercut. Cote with a right. Leg kick from Cote. McFedries with a good one two. High kick from Cote. Right from Cote. HUGE left from McFedries, but Cote answers with a HUGE left of his own and follows with a stinging uppercut and McFedries falls to the floor and Cote rains down punches until the ref stops the fight! WOW what a devastating knockout.

Final result: Patrick Cote defeats Drew McFedries via technical knockout (strikes) in round one


Thiago Tavares vs. Michihiro Omigawa (155-pound limit)

Round one: Tavares has a single leg and takes him down. Omigawa back to his feet but Tavares holds on and slams down Omigawa. Omigawa with full guard. Omigawa with some nice elbows. Omigawa back to his feet and Tavares has his back now. He jumps on his back and sinks in both hooks!! Tavares now trying to soften him up and work in a choke. Tavares with some hammer fists. Thiago trying to flatten him out. Omigawa looking to slam Tavares off his back but Thiago is holding on tight. Omigawa slips out but Tavares has the single leg again. Now he has his back again. Tavares slams him down. Omigawa now on top in Tavares full guard. Tavares with nice elbows from the bottom. Tavares with nice punches from the bottom. Omigawa postures up and lands some good rights. Thats the round.

Round two: Omigawa looks more comfortable on the feet. Omigawa stifles a take down attempt. Another stuff by Omigawa. Now Tavares gets a single leg take down. Omigawa back to the feet. Thiago with a looping right that just misses. Now he goes for another single leg take down. Omigawa again stuffs it. Thiago with a crisp right hand. Leg kick from Thiago followed by a great head kick! Body shot from Tavares. Head kick from Tavares. Body shot from Tavares. Great right hand from Tavares that lands flush. Great right hand to a single leg take down by Tavares. Omigawa right to full guard. Knee from the clinch by Tavares after Omigawa gets to the feet. Thats the round, a very slow pace but Tavres should win the round 10-9 as he won the stand up exchanges.

Round three: Tavares shoots for a single again. He gets the take down. Omigawa with guard again. Thiago not really able to do much from the top position. Omigawa with punches from the bottom. Hammer fist and good right from Tavares but Omigawa gets a solid slam. Omigawa on top in Tavares full guard. HUGE right from Omigawa. Omigawa now looking for a north south choke. Omigawa is bleeding now. Tavares reverses. Big right from Tavares. Omigawa with another great take down. Omigawa using some soft body shots. The ref stands them up but the round is over. Thats it, Tavares should win but it was a boring showing from both fighters. Definitely disappointing from Tavares after some great showing in previous fights.

Final result: Thiago Tavares defeats Michihiro Omigawa via unanimous decision


Nate Diaz vs. Alvin Robinson (155-pound limit)

Round one: Diaz with a nice overhand left and follows up with a big slam! Robinson with full guard. Diaz with some great elbows from the top. Robinson has a shiner on his right eye already. The kid to his feet and Diaz picks him up and slams him again, but Robinson has a guillotine locked in. Nate gets out and passes to half guard. Diaz rains down some right hands. Nate moves to side control effortlessly. Robinson reverses but Diaz now has a omaplata which hes uses to sweep Robinson. Now Robinson with another reverse. Robinson looking for punches. Robinson with two solid right hands. Diaz slips in a triangle and its deep!!! Thats it its over Diaz with an easy victory and he looked impressive.

Final result: Nate Diaz defeats Alvin Robinson via submission (triangle choke) in round one


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