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UFC girls of the Octagon heat up FHM (Pics)



"Like it or not, the modern world is built on duality. Where's there's beauty, there's always savagery somewhere nearby. Enter the UFC's Octagon girls. On a backdrop of limb-mangling carnage, these bikini-uniformed recruits perform an all-important task. Via a digit-emblazoned piece of card, they let people know what round it is. Now, in a rare exception of the sexy/ugly dichotomy, we've taken away the sweaty, grappling men and plonked these ladies in the middle of the Nevada desert. In appropriately skimpy attire, of course."

Yeah, whatever. Here's more:

ufc girls UFC octagon girls octagon girls Ali sonoma

Rachelle Leah ufc girl rachelle leah ali sonoma rachelle leah and arianny celeste ufc octagon girls ali sonoma rachelle leah and arianny celeste

(Thanks to reader "Skoob" for the assist. You dirty dog, you.)

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