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Canadian Legacy: St. Pierre plans to cleanout 170-pound division and move on up

Georges St Pierre Anderson Silva Rampage Jackson


"He wants to leave a legacy.... [If he move up to the 185 weight class and then eventually the light heavyweight class] I don't think there's a doubt that he will be the best fighter to ever have graced the sport.... When it's going to be time, it's going to be time. It's going to depend on the circumstances. It's going to be for the challenge.... That's going to be a discussion we have with the UFC after this next fight. They've got some contenders that they've proposed down the road. We don't have an exact plan as to when that would occur. There's definitely a few more fights at the 170 level."

Shari Spenser -- the manager for UFC interim welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre -- talks about the legacy of "Rush" and his desire to wipeout the 170-pound division and set his sights on the middleweight and light heavyweight weight classes in the future. That's rather ambitious.

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