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UFC Quick Quote: BJ Penn guarantees win over Georges St. Pierre in rematch

bj penn

"Fighting GSP is all I think about every day. A rematch would be very good and I'll make sure that I will 100 per cent guarantee victory if we fight again.... I'd love to fight Matt Hughes again but I think he could walk away after his loss to St Pierre. If he does walk away from the sport, I wouldn't be surprised after what happened the other night. Before his fight with Georges, I was really hoping I'd get another shot at Matt Hughes but after that fight, that was so embarrassing for him I don't know how he's going to rebound from that. I'd love to fight him again. If we can put the fight together somehow I'd love it but he's also getting older so I don't know what's going to happen."

-- Former welterweight champion BJ Penn -- who is preparing to challenge Joe Stevenson for the vacant lightweight title one week from today at UFC 80: "Rapid Fire" -- tells The Sun that he still has unfinished business in the 170-pound division. In fact, he wants a rematch with Georges St. Pierre and a rubbermatch with Matt Hughes (if he doesn't retire) in the near future. Penn has some choice words for Hughes in a related article, calling him a "pussy" and more for the way he fought at UFC 79: "Nemesis" against "Rush."

(Thanks to reader "john" for the assist.)

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