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UFC Quick Quote: Denile just ain't a river in Egypt, Melvin

Melvin Guillard

"... everybody with their own eyes saw he [Rich Clementi] wasn't ready to stand up with me [at UFC 79]. He knew my weakness was my submission game as far as fighting him because he's a seasoned jiu-jitsu guy -- I'll give him that. As far as me putting my hands on him, I got my respect out of him. So, I'm not even tripping, you know?... He really didn't [win the fight]. He didn't take my heart. I took his heart before he got in the ring. He was scared to fight me before he got in the ring. And, it's like I tell everybody – and I'm going to keep saying it – when I see him again, I'm going to fight him again. When I get ready to go home for Mardi Gras, he just knows not to be seen. I went home for New Years and the places he wants to go, he wasn't even there. He knew I was going to be there looking for him. He never showed up anywhere. As long as he keeps hiding from me, running from me, I'm winning the war every day. Eventually, we'll get another rematch in the UFC ..."

-- Melvin Guillard talks about Rich Clementi via the Baltimore Sun after he lost via first round submission at UFC 79: "Nemesis" on December 29, 2007. The two Louisiana natives didn't like each other very much before the fight and not much has changed since. Definitely read this entire interview if you have the chance ... Melvin certainly does not charge per word. He also reveals that he plans to take a few fights outside the Octagon to get back on track in 2008.

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