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Operation 'Ice Cliff:' Chuck Liddell's plan to takedown Wanderlei Silva (Literally)

Chuck Wandi

We've been hearing a lot of feedback (good and bad) about the uncharacteristic takedowns Chuck Liddell implemented during his fight with Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79: "Nemesis."

According to his long-time trainer, John Hackleman, in an interview with, the "Iceman" and fellow Pit team member Glover Teixera scripted the maneuver, dubbed "Ice Cliff," before the fight.

In fact, Liddell brought in an Olympic-caliber wrestler to prepare him for the fight (there was a lot of pre-fight talk about "special guests" at the Liddell camp) or perhaps that split-second in round three.

The spinning back fist -- another fresh twist from Liddell -- was his own idea.

Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

(Yes, I know. Liddell was a wrestler before he was a fighter. His recent M.O., however, has been one dimensional and overly reliant on the knockout.)

Note: In the interview Hackleman basically echoes recent statements from Liddell that a rematch with Keith Jardine would be a good idea for his next fight. In addition, he heaps praise on Lyoto Machida and indicates that he is "one of the least guys" he would like Chuck to fight.

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