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UFC 82: Luke Cummo to compete on the Ohio fight card

luke cummo ufc 82Finalist from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 2 and improving welterweight fighter, Luke Cummo, will return to competition at UFC 82: "Pride of a Champion" on March 1 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, according to

No opponent has been named.

Here's the snip from "The Silent Assassin:"

"I am a professional fighter with my next bout on March 1 at UFC 82."

Cummo actually broke the news a few weeks back a forum post on his official Web site. This latest reminder comes as he puts well-known MMA agent, Ken Pavia, through a 14-day Lifefood diet to "lose weight and take seven years off his physiological age."

It's an "Odd Couple" arrangement that has Cummo waxing philosophical.

Here's a snip on sponsors:

"Now I just had my first child three months ago. I feel like every time I step into the Octagon I am fighting for his future. Not only that, but the future of this planet that is in danger. Human beings are digging the grave of themselves and the Earth with their teeth. The rainforests are being chopped down to plant soy crops. That's like removing portions of someone's lungs. Anyone who stands across the cage from me is in direct opposition to my cause. He's fighting for some supplement company or some clothing company, while I'm fighting for you, the reader, and everyone else out there. Most importantly, I'm fighting for our children, and their children, that they may live in abundance in this wonderful place."

Sheesh ... he's just on another level. Pavia even confirmed that Cummo does indeed imbibe his own urine. Not touching that one.

Anyway, Cummo is riding a nice little hot streak with two consecutive stoppages of Edilberto de Oliveira at UFC Fight Night 11 in September 2007 and Josh Haynes at UFC 69: "Shootout" in April of the same year. Perhaps most impressive is the Matt Serra-trained Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist has demonstrated a marked improvement in his stand up game.

Stay tuned for more updates on a potential opponent for Cummo -- it should be revealed shortly. In the meantime hit up the latest UFC 82 rumored fight card right here.

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