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Fertitta: Dana White Was Put On This Earth To Run The UFC

Reebok And UFC Long-Term Partnership Announcement Photo by Chance Yeh/WireImage

"There are so many things that are unconventional about this business. This isn't something you can read about and learn in a textbook. This is a business where, day-to-day, you have to be on the ground and you have to be on top of your game. Dana is that guy. I truly believe that Dana was put on the Earth to run the UFC.... We talk about different points, but Dana does what he wants to do. He's proven that he has great instincts and most of the decisions he's made have been for the best. Nobody is perfect, but I think Dana White has done a fabulous job building this company into far and away the industry leader and I'm not going to start telling him now how to do his job. He's proven he can do his job without me holding his hand."

-- Lorenzo Fertitta -- majority owner of the UFC along with his brother Frank -- talks about the president of his company, Dana White, in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! White is often criticized for his brash behavior and profanity; however, his approach seems to be a major reason behind the wild success of the promotion, according to the man who pays his annual salary.

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