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Happy Memorial Day from!

Happy Memorial Day

By Jesse Holland

I wanted to take a minute to wish all the faithful (and even the unfaithful) UFCmaniacs a very happy Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that has become significant for all the wrong reasons. Most of us celebrate it as the beginning of summer, or the day to save big bucks on a new car or furniture set that's on sale.

As a kid I remember salivating over the thought of spending that special Monday pigging out over the open-pit BBQ at my Uncle's house.

And of course that coveted day off from school.

But what I never understood is why my grandfather would sit in a lawn chair under a tree so far from the action. When we were laughing and carefree, he was reflective and morose.

I guess I never gave it much thought until the day I was old enough to realize what it meant to serve in World War II.

On a day I thought about frisbees and frankfurters, he thought about the two years he spent away from his wife and newborn daughter.

When all I wanted to hear was the sound of swimming and splashing, all he wanted to forget was the sound of bullets and bombings.

As a contributor for, I spend a great deal of time admiring the warriors of the Octagon.

On this day however, there is another group of warriors that I take time to admire.

I still look forward to the good food and company that Memorial Day brings, but I never let myself get too far from the reality that without a special group of men and women, I might not be allowed to enjoy the freedoms I so often take for granted.

Including the right to scream and yell at my TV when every UFC PPV pick I make goes belly-up.

God Bless America!

Happy Memorial Day to all.

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