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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Serra an unofficial light heavyweight

matt serra

"Matt Serra's condition improved greatly over the past week. The week before he was in intense pain. This week he was still having trouble walking. While watching a training session, he almost considered going to the mat to demonstrate a technique, but then decided it probably wouldn't be the smartest thing. He hasn't been able to do any training and is probably more than 200 pounds."

-- Dave Meltzer reports in the recent print edition of his WrestlingObserver newsletter on the current status of UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Serra. "The Terror" herniated several discs in his back training for a showdown with Matt Hughes at UFC 79: "Nemesis" this weekend. Georges St. Pierre stepped in at the last minute for the injured Long Islander and will challenge Hughes for the interim 170-pound championship. Serra will fight the winner of the bout sometime in 2008 to declare an undisputed welterweight champion. He clearly has some work cut out for him (pun intended) to get back into top fight form. I'm sure the Italian holiday feasts didn't help matters.

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