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All About the Benjamins: UFC President Dana White talks fighter pay

ufc president dana white talks about ufc fighters salaries
Props: Los Angeles Times

Quoteworthy mash up:

"We're running a business here. This is not 'Fantasy Island'.... MMA is like a beauty salon, with all these [fighters] sitting around talking about what they're not getting.... We've got lots of millionaires who couldn't be happier with their life. Lots of guys have taken their money, invested it, and they're thrilled with how their lives are turning out.... Am I entitled to make some money? This is a business, and the business deserves to make money. These guys wouldn't be putting their lives on the line if I hadn't busted my [rear] to build this infrastructure, and Randy Couture wouldn't be a millionaire now."

UFC President Dana White defends the pay structure of his organization while Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture (big surprise) are referred to in the article as taking exception with the current policies. Interesting note: Matt Hughes received a $1 million bonus for his destruction of Royce Gracie in 2006.

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