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UFCs Georges St. Pierre and the Fuzzy Brossard

GSP ufc 79 interview

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"A long time ago before my career went to another level and I got serious, I was a bouncer in a club. I was working at Fuzzy Brossard every Thursday night, hip-hop night, which is probably the worst night. They had a lot of problems with gangs and stuff like that, so I always doing it. I had a hard job. [Laughs].... I never had any problems, you know? To be a bouncer at this place, I was probably one of the smallest guys, so I had to use my brain. In the street you can be as strong as you want, but nobody's faster than a bullet. Being a bouncer, according to me, it's more being able to talk and being able to use words instead of your arms to do the job. One time I had a problem with somebody and I was like 'Hey come outside. I need to talk you. The music is too loud.' And once we were outside, 'Sorry my friend. You hit on every girl, you make trouble, you grab the girls' asses. Tonight you're finished. You can come back tomorrow, I don't mind. It's nothing personal, but tonight is over.' (imitating club-goer) 'Oh you have no right to kick me out you motherfucker!' and I just said, 'Bye-bye, have a good night.'"ÂÂ

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre reflects on life as a bouncer in a Montreal club prior to becoming a successful mixed martial artist. "Rush" will attempt to bounce Matt Hughes at UFC 79: "Nemesis" on December 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the interim 170-pound championship. Check out the full article when you can ... it's a good read.

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