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UFC Quick Quote: Sean Sherk pleads his steroids case

sean sherk steroids

"I've taken a real big hit. I've had a lot of expenses that had to come out of pocket. I've spent over twenty thousand dollars defending myself. By the time I fight again I will have missed two fight pay days. I've lost sponsorship pay days, tons of exposure, people that backed out of main stream stuff. No one wants to touch that. Exposure translates into money. I've lost out on a ton of stuff. Plus, I lost a ton of momentum. I had a lot of momentum going before this. I've lost everything that I've worked for."

-- Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk provides some compelling arguments for his positive steroids test during a recent Q&A with The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) appears to be making up the rules as it sees fit. But the snip above gets me. Again, I say hindsight is 20/20 -- Sherk may have had no idea he was ingesting illegal substances. But some quick math [$500 (Per test) X 22 (Supplements) = $11,000] reveals that if Sherk spent/spends the money beforehand he'll save a "ton" of cash in the long-run. And then some in terms of integrity, credibility and all of the other stuff he laments in the interview. Perhaps he even needs to link up with a lab that will do the tests for free in exchange for a marquee spot on his fight shorts. Just an idea. To say that "I can't test all of my supplements" after this debacle makes no sense. Or is it cents?

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