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UFC Quick Quote: Jason MacDonald wants him some Michael Bisping

Jason Macdonald michael bisping

"So Michael Bisping has dropped down to my division, middleweight. I think it's a smart move on his behalf. He was a small light heavyweight, too small for that division. I've met him on a couple occasions and I was bigger than him. I walk around heavier than he does when we're not preparing for fights. I'm not sure that he would be a contender anytime soon. I don't think he would beat Rich Franklin. He certainly wouldn't beat Anderson Silva or Dan Henderson. Not sure he'll make a big impact. Henderson, who made the same move, will make an impact, but not Bisping. I do think Bisping is a quality fighter and could potentially match up for some interesting fights. I see myself matching well against Bisping, and I would love the opportunity to fight him."

-- Canadian middleweight fighter Jason MacDonald comments on the recent news that The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 3 205-pound winner, Michael Bisping, has decided to drop down a lower weight class. It might be a pretty good scrap if it ever happens.

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