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Ryan Gracie: 1974-2007

Ryan Gracie, the former PRIDE standout and member of the famed Gracie jiu-jitsu family, was found dead this morning in a Sao Paulo prison cell according to

Black belt Ryan Gracie was found dead in the cell where he was being held at a police station in Sao Paulo after having been accused of car theft yesterday in the city of Sao Paulo. When policemen at the station were checking the cells with their detainees, they found the fighter fallen in a corner. They entered and confirmed that he was dead. At around 10 am, coroners were already at the location to do the necessary exams and send the body to the institute. According to the State Secretariat of Public Security, Ryan was alone in the cell.

Gracie was arrested on Friday for allegedly attempting to steal a car and a motorcycle. After initial processing, Gracie was taken for toxicology testing and upon completion was returned to his holding cell where he remained until discovered by police around 7am.

The doctor participating in Gracie's examination has indicated the presence of multiple drugs including marijuana, cocaine and prescription medicine as reported on G1 News.

No question this is a sad and trying time for the Gracie family and the world of mixed martial arts. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

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