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UFC Quick Quote: Clay Guida had Roger Huerta seeing lions in round two during TUF 6 Finale

roger huerta after TUF 6 finale fight

"I was hurt. He rocked me, man. I was slightly knocked out but I knew what was going on. I just heard this ringing, and it was the weirdest thing, all I saw was all this hair, I didn't know if it was a human being or a lion attacking me, then after about 10 seconds I was like 'Hey Clay' and it was back on."

-- Roger Huerta on the punch from Clay Guida that nearly ended the lightweight scrap in round two during the main event at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 6 Finale. Huerta managed to hold on and came out in the final stanza to submit "The Carpenter" via rear naked choke. Dave Doyle at Yahoo! reveals that Guida "took both of the first two rounds on all scorecards. One judge had the score at 20-17."

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