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Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 10 recap and discussion

Preface: Any episode with two fights is a good episode.

Choot! Choot! All aboard the TUF Recap Express – which is another way of saying that it's holiday time and I'll be moving at a brisk pace in this week's recap. So without further ado:

Our flashback of Mac Danzig vs. John Kolosci reveals something we haven't seen in about six weeks: Matt Hughes with a smile. Unfortunately Kolosci doesn't share his giddy outlook on the quarterfinals and decides to throw a drinking party to celebrate his defeat.

As any man will tell you, it doesn't matter what the occasion is, all that matters is getting invited. So naturally anyone within earshot was onboard for a good ol' fashioned drowning of sorrows.

If past seasons are any indication, I have an uneasy feeling that the house is about to get redecorated.

And whaddaya know, right on cue. The pool becomes a dumping ground for whatever Kolosci can get his hands on. He ends the segment with a cute little warning about the pitfalls of being drunk - which is about as sincere as Urkel knocking up Laura Winslow and asking sarcastically "Did I do that?"

Team Serra is all doom and gloom at the prospect of having two of their own face off. Coach Serra refuses to corner against one of his guys and leaves Troy Mandaloniz high and dry against Matt Arroyo. Hughes and his cronies call it unprofessional.

During a van ride Mac decides that last week's epiphany about good karma was nothing more than a mood swing and proceeds to imitate Richie (complete with misshapen hat). The guys all have a good laugh but I wonder who among them felt dirty inside.


The Coach's Challenge for this season is bowling and the purse is $10,000 for the winning coach and $1500 per fighter for the winning team. Dana offers to double the fighter's purse if the bowling-impaired Hughes can throw a strike right at that moment.

Call it hustling, call it divine intervention, or just call it dumb luck, Hughes nails it and the fighters go bananas. Serra looks a little deflated.

Serra responds by starting off with a gutterball and it probably has something to do with the fact that he's approaching the lane like a newborn calf. Hughes on the other hand is launching the ball like Captain Caveman. Dana is busy yucking it up over how awful they are – and how much fun it is to be dangling that financial carrot in front of them.

Matt Serra gets a little advice from Matt Arroyo and starts knocking over pins. It comes down to the last frame and Serra, cool as a cucumber, gets a spare and secures the win. Would you be surprised if I told you that Hughes and his minions stormed out in a huff? Of course you wouldn't.

Serra also gets quote of the night: "I'm a happy little man."

After some more awkwardness about who's cornering who, we get right to the first fight. Troy walks out with a T-shirt that says "I Can" written on the front. Well at least he's got the right attitude.

A brief exchange of kicks and punches from both sides opens round one. Matt shoots and takes Troy to the ground. Matt has side control and quickly works for an armbar. He locks it in and forces Troy to tap immediately.

Hughes takes the opportunity to slam Serra for abandoning his fighter. Dana can't believe any friend of BJ Penn can be so clueless on the ground. Either way it's hard times for Troy.

We get right back to training and Richie doesn't like the idea that he's chum for George but thinks a win for the Aussie is not a foregone conclusion. Richie shaved his head for the fight and could actually pass for a fighter with his new look.

The second fight begins with a few swings and misses and a quick tie-up. George muscles him to the fence and eats a few shots before letting go. A low kick by Richie initiates another tie-up and both sides land a few. Another Richie low kick but George grabs it and takes him down. He loses position for a second but gets it back and looks for side control.

George is working for an arm but Richie won't give in. George finally gets a kimura and taps him out. George looked flat. Richie is humble in defeat and looks forward to pursuing a career in the UFC.

Stay tuned next week as Team Serra plays a nasty prank, Jon and Jared duke it out and Ben vs. Tommy wraps up the quarterfinals.

See you then and Happy Thanksgiving!

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