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UFC Quick Quote: Wanderlei Silva guilty by association

wandi ufc

"UFC just shot an 'All Access' special with Wanderlei Silva that will air in late December. Silva now lives in Las Vegas and trains at Xtreme Couture. The funny part of the story is they wouldn't film him training at Couture's gym. They made he and his workout partners come to the UFC gym and the Xyience Training Center to film him working out. Some of his training partners, including at least one UFC fighter, were wearing Xtreme Couture T-shirts and were told they couldn't wear those while filming."

-- Dave Meltzer from passes along the latest salvo in the now ridiculous feud between UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture and the UFC. Silva is training for a light heavyweight showdown with Chuck Liddell at UFC 79: "Nemesis" on December 29. For more background on the Couture soap opera click here.

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