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Evan Tanner inks four-fight UFC contract

Looks like the former UFC middleweight champion who claims to know exactly how to beat Anderson Silva may finally get a chance to prove it.

After months of rumors and speculation, Evan Tanner has signed a four-fight contract with the UFC according to his official Web site. A return date and opponent have yet to be determined.

At 36 years old, some might argue that the sport has already passed him by. After all, Tanner hasn't fought in well over a year — a submission win over Justin Levens at UFC 59 back in April 2006.

In addition, his history of alcohol abuse (and poor seamanship) coupled with his sometimes bizarre behavior is sure to keep some fans from prematurely hopping back on the bandwagon.

Without a doubt, it'll be a challenge for him to get back into form and compete with the top guys in his weight class.

Still, it will be great to watch if he can work his way up the ranks of the middleweight division. Considering the dwindling number of viable contenders to current champion Anderson Silva, this signing couldn't have come at a better time.

If nothing else, Tanner is known to leave everything he has inside the Octagon.

And that's got to count for something.

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