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UFC Quick Quote: Spencer Fisher wants exciting fight with Frank Edgar at 78 in NJ

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spencer fisher

"... I know first hand what he [Frank Edgar] is good at and what he's not as strong at. It depends on whether or not he wants to come and fight or whether he wants to make it a wrestling match and ride out a boring decision ... I hope he comes to fight and give his fans what they want to see.... Frank's a tough guy, he's very tough and he's in great shape. I think he likes to get after it as well, I just hope he comes with that mentality into this fight."

-- Spencer Fisher drops a few not-so-subtle hints in a interview about how he wants his upcoming fight with Frank Edgar to unfold at UFC 78: "Validation" next weekend. It's safe to say that he wants to keep the 155-pound match upright rather than deal with the explosive wrestling skills of the local favorite.

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