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Report: Ken Shamrock sues the UFC (maybe)



"The fact is, we have a lawsuit going on right now. They released me from my contract. I had one fight left. Now, we're going to go after them for the damages and that's why I couldn't fight. I couldn't fight because I was holding up to my end of the bargain with them. Then they turn around and didn't hold up to their end of the bargain because they released me from my contract illegally, they breeched my contract, I am now open and ready to fight."

UFC Hall of Fame inductee Ken Shamrock has some choice words for UFC President Dana White in a recent radio interview about his latest departure from the organization. He indicates that there is a pending lawsuit; however, White counters and says, "Is he in a lawsuit with the UFC? No. His attorney sent a half page letter to us, which we're responding to right now." White also argues that the UFC has been good to Shamrock throughout his career despite comments to the contrary from "The World's Most Dangerous Man."

Sidenote: EliteXC President Gary Shaw recently revealed that preliminary discussions are underway to book Ken Shamrock against his adopted brother, Frank, in the near future.

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