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He said, she said: Happy Anniversary from the Couture's

Today is the one-year wedding anniversary of Randy and Kim Couture. Keeping with the paper tradition, the Couture's have spent the weekend exchanging defenses against the onslaught of UFC sympathizers.

The Xtreme Couture MMA blog was peppered with posts from Randy defending (among other things) his agent "Hollywood" Matt Walker.

Walker was verbally abused by UFC president Dana White immediately following Couture's resignation on October 11th.

White referred to Walker as a "parasite" and even claims to have bitch-slapped him back in September.

In addition, wife Kim defended her husband's decision to resign and called out Yahoo's Kevin Iole for his role in the disclosure of Randy's salary and bonuses.

Iole reported that Couture's contract was valued in the 13-15 million dollar range and that Couture's issue was about money, not respect.

Corporate America, I mean uh, Captain America vehemently denies both accusations.

As expected, the Couture rebuttal was quickly picked up by media outlets around the Web and has since been taken down from the Xtreme Couture Web site.

Why it was so hastily removed is still anyone's guess - as is Dana's response (if he feels one is warranted).

Like most bad break-ups, this one is probably going to get worse before it gets better.

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