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UFC Quick Quote: Brad Imes denies rumors about Brock Lesnar fight

brad imes

"I'll be honest, I haven't heard anything about it. I called my manager today, but he's on a plane right now. And unless they've spoken and he hasn't told me about it, I don't know anything about it. I'd love to fight Lesnar though. I think it'd be a good match up for me, but it's not anything that anyones talked to me about.... I trained with him, and I know a little bit about him. I haven't trained with him for about eight to ten months. He came up to Miletich to train with us when he was first getting into the sport."

-- Heavyweight finalist on season two of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), Brad Imes, refutes recent speculation via that he has been selected as the first opponent to face recent free agent acquisition, Brock Lesnar, in his Octagon debut. Word on the street is that Lesnar already has an opponent lined up and will appear at UFC 81 on the SuperBowl weekend card in February. UFC has indicated that a match up will soon be made a official. Don't hold your breath.

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