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UFC Ultimate Fighter: The Tuffest 25 Moments on SpikeTV tonight

forrest griffin and stephan bonar xtreme couture
The two stars of the hit debut season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) -- Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar -- will host a two-hour long SpikeTV special tonight at 8 p.m. ET called, "The Ultimate Fighter: The Tuffest 25 Moments."

Here's a snip from

"Find out what the series' producers and viewers voted were the top 20 moments in The Ultimate Fighter® seasons 1 through 5. See if you agree that these were the best of all time!"

Hmmm ... wonder what the number one moment in the history of the series will be -- perhaps the epic battle between Griffin and Bonnar during TUF 1 Finale?

Call me crazy.

Of course, that three-round war more or less put the UFC on the map and propelled the sport of mixed martial arts into the "mainstream."

But this isn't just about fights. Remember, the show will highlight the top 20 "moments." Here's some of what we can expect from

"The show will chronicle unforgettable fights, in-house shenanigans and scraps outside the Octagon. Chris Leben's feud with Josh Koscheck and Bobby Southworth, Luke Cummo's upset of Sammy Morgan and the infamous backyard brawl between lightweights Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas all made the list, as did the memorable finish between Scott Smith and Pete Sell at the season four finale."

Set the DVRs ... should be worth checking out.

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