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Report: Forrest Griffin to have shoulder surgery

Forrest Griffin

Light heavyweight contender Forrest Griffin will undergo surgery to repair an injured shoulder, according to a comment on the Underground Forum from former contestant on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), Rory Singer.

"Outburst" trains with Griffin at X-Treme Couture in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here's the snip:

Forrest has had a majorly damaged shoulder for quite a long while. The injuries to his shoulder even before his fight with Shogun were exhaustive. You have never heard of it because Forrest never mentions his injuries, whether he has won or lost, after his fights. This surgery was a long time in coming. Everyone felt it was in his best interest to have the surgery now before fighting another top tier fighter. He basically fought Shogun with one arm. Trust me, Forrest wanted to fight Silva in December but that was not to be.

Griffin recently upset 205-pound stand out Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 76: "Knockout" in the Brazilian's Octagon debut via submission in the third round. It was a thrilling victory that unfortunately for Griffin came at a physical cost.

He had a major gash between his eyes stitched up immediately following the fight and now there is this news that he will go under the knife to repair the shoulder. There was no indication what type of surgery he will have or how long it will take him to recover.

We will certainly pass along that news if and when it emerges. But it seems that he will be on the shelf at least until sometime in 2008.

In the meantime, check out Griffin in his television debut on NBC's "Law & Order: SVU." He makes a guest appearance as a fighter during an episode that airs on November 13.

(Thanks to UFCmania reader "One Love" for the assist.)

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