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UFC Quick Quote: Mirko Cro Cop wants to return in early 2008 and prove doubters wrong

cro cop

"I will change something in training methods ... There are many people who doubt me, but I am motivated to show them that they are wrong. I want to [get bigger]. In fights against Gonzaga and Kongo I saw that this is necessary because against heavier fighters I am losing a lot power in clinch. We will do it step by step so I will not lose on my speed. I would like to fight against Minotauro. Because of the septum deviation I was losing power in the middle and at the end of fights, but now I will not have that problem and I will prepare with pleasure for my future fights."

-- Mirko Cro Cop talks about his desire to return to the Octagon with despite uncharacteristic back-to-back losses in his most recent fights. The Croatian recently underwent surgery to repair a badly deviated septum, which apparently affected his cardio in recent bouts. There's a European card that is penciled in for sometime in January 2008 that could be a possible event in which he competes.

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