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UFC Quick Quotes: Dana White likes Roger Huerta, Bill Goldberg not so much

roger huerta

"Roger got into the UFC, and I was like, Holy shit, this kid is an animal. He's got looks. He's got smarts. He's got an amazing story. And he fights like a dog. This kid is a home run, and he's a big reason we're thinking about [staging a card] in Latin America."

-- UFC President Dana White talks about lightweight Roger Huerta in a recent feature article. "El Matador" does indeed have quite a life story -- check out the SI write up to learn more about it if for some reason you haven't read it 100 times already (it's good no matter how many times you read it). Huerta will fight Clay Guida during the main event of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 6 Finale on December 8.


"Tell Goldberg to quit fucking crying. Just because I do it bigger and better than everyone else does, doesn't mean I'm trying to monopolize. This isn't a monopoly. Everyone who can rub two nickels together is getting into this sport. Mark Cuban just jumped in. I'll tell you what, there have been other people who have tried to compete with Vince and they couldn't. there's a big difference. They couldn't compete with Vince because Vince would beat their ass every time someone tried to jump into his arena. And I'm doing the same fucking thing. If he's saying that about me; thank you then, I look at that as a compliment."

-- During a one-on-one interview with White talks about the explosive growth of mixed martial arts and the UFC in particular. He takes exception to claims from former pro wrestler and current EliteXC ringside announcer, Bill Goldberg, that White is similar to the WWE's Vince McMahon in that he wants to monopolize his respective industry.

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