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Matt Serra: Sports shrink evaluated Joe Scarola prior to TUF 6

joe scarola
There's been so much recent talk about the mental implosion of Joe Scarola on the season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 6. That's because the Matt Serra-trained fighter packed his bags and quit the show because he couldn't hack it in the house.

It ranks right up there with Gabe Reudiger's "shenanigans" during TUF 5.

Serra has been vocal about his disappointment and displeasure with Scarola's ridiculous decision. And he puts a ribbon on it in a recent blog post.

Here's a snip from the champ:

"... let me give you some background on how Joe got on the show. He wanted to be on ever since Luke was on Season 2, but I had my doubts about his ability to take it in the house. He was persistent in asking, so in time, we considered it, and had our sports psychologist, Dr. Sherry Wulcan, talk to him for an evaluation. In her professional opinion, she didn't think he could make it in the house for six weeks, and her recommendation was not to send him. I respected her opinion, and wasn't planning on sending him to Las Vegas for the show. Still, he persisted, and, eventually Ray Longo persuaded me to reconsider saying 'Look, let him find out for himself. He's an adult, and if he can't hack it, he'll live with those consequences.' I eventually gave him my seal of approval and he got a tryout for the show...."

Talk about volunteering yourself for the firing squad.

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