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UFC 77 results coverage and LIVE blow-by-blow commentary

UFC 77 results and coverage
UFC 77: "Hostile Territory" is set for tonight, October 20, at 10 p.m. ET on pay-per-view (PPV) from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. will provide LIVE up-to-the-minute quick results at about 8:30 p.m., and blow-by-blow coverage of the PPV telecast at 10 p.m. ET sharp.

This is a great line up of fights that includes a title fight and a number one heavyweight contender eliminator match. Put simply, make sure to tune-in!

However, if you can't we will have everything you need right here ... just scroll down the page for the latest UFC 77 results.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the PPV telecast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Don't forget also that we will be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after UFC 77.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 77 results. WARNING: These are potential spoilers! (Note — This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest results!)


Anderson Silva defeats Rich Franklin via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
Tim Sylvia defeats Brandon Vera via Unanimous Decision
Stephan Bonnar defeats Eric Schafer via TKO (Strikes)
Alan Belcher defeats Kalib Starnes via TKO (Doctor Stoppage due to cut)
Alvin Robinson defeats Jorge Gurgel via Unanimous Decision
Yushin Okami defeats Jason MacDonald via Unanimous Decision
Demian Maia defeats Ryan Jensen via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1
Josh Burkman defeats Forrest Petz via Unanimous Decision
Matt Grice defeats Jason Black via Split Decision

UFC 77 BLOW-BY-BLOW LIVE MAIN CARD COMMENTARY: Hola Maniacs the time is here for Hostile Territory this should be a great night of action. Can Franklin overcome his last devastating loss vs Silva? Will big Tim Slyvia be able to overcome his back surgery and embarrassing loss to Coture? Will Brandon Vera have any ring rust and can he beat a man with such a size advantage? These are all answers were about to get and im one UFC fan who is pumped up. SO here we go its FIGHT TIME!!!

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin (185-pound limit)

Round one: The crowd is going INSANE for Franklin. Franklin looks clear, calm, and confident. Very composed. Franklin is coming out to "Welcome to the Jungle". Silva as usual looks calm and ready to attack, hes one scary dude. Both fighters looking for distance. Franklin with leg kick. Franklin with a nice right left combo. Silva gets into the clinch. Franklin with the take down. Silva to the feet but Franklin has a single leg. Back to the clinch up against the fence. Silva with a knee and right. Great spinning side kick to the body by Silva. Silva with two stinging rights!!! Back to the clinch. Silva goes for a sweep then lands a sick knee to the head. Great left by Franklin. Silva with a flying knee. SIlva with a sick left hook!!! HUGE right by Silva!!!! Franklin is DROPPED , BUT THE BELL RINGS AND SAVES HIM!!!!! That would have ended the fight if it wasnt for the bell!!

Round two: Leg kick by Franklin. Leg kick by Silva. Huge knee by Silva. Franklin is in trouble, and another knee to the head that drops Franklin!!! Its over folks!!! Silva once again DOMINATES Rich Franklin and it seemed it was only a matter of time before it was over, Franklin is simply outclassed by Silva and is obviously not on his level.

Round three:

Round four:

Round five:

Final Result: Anderson Silva defeats Rich Franklin via TKO (Strikes) in Round 2


Tim Sylvia vs. Brandon Vera (265-pound limit)

Round one: Sylvia does not look to be much bigger than Vera at all which is surprising. They were pretty much eye to eye. Vera clinches immediately. Nice elbow from Vera. Knees from Vera to the ribs. Sylvia with a nice elbow. Another great elbow from SYlvia. Nice body shot from Tim. Vera with a nice elbow. Clinched up against the fence. Both fighters exchanging knees in the clinch. Sylvia with a flurry. Vera with a nice right and leg kicks. Sylvia with another nice knee. Vera with an uppercut. Nice elbow from Vera. Uppercut from Vera. Sylvia with some knees. Thats the bell. A very uneventful round. The whole round was in the clinch and not much action.

Round two: High kick from Vera followed by a great right hand. Vera looking for a sweep, but both fighters are clinched up against the fence AGAIN. The crowd is booing like crazy. So far this is a boring fight. Vera with some knees to the thigh. Vera with a nice elbow. Sylvia with a nice right. AGain back to the clinch against the fence. Sylvia with an inside elbow. Nice knee from Sylvia. Vera with a sweep and a take down!!! Vera in side control. Vera with some knees to the ribs. Shoulders to the face from Vera. HUGE knee to the head from Vera, Levine gives a warning to Vera. WOW Huge body kick from Vera!!! Followed by another HUGE body kick!!!!! Thats the bell, with the take down and kicks Vera has to get that round 10-9.

Round three: Clinch again. Both fighters exchange rights. Sylvia with two nice rights. Clinched up against the fence again. Foot stomps by Vera. Again clinched up against the fence. Only 3 minutes left. Tim with a nice right left combo. Vera with a jab a nice overhand right. Vera with a great leg kick. Sylvia with a nice elbow and has cut Vera. Vera bleeding badly. Clinched against the fence again. Sylvia is raining punches at Vera to close the fight. That round has to go to Sylvia and so does the fight I think. Overall a terribly boring fight. I think this one should prove Vera NEEDS to drop to 205. Vera also states "I broke my hand" as soon as he goes to the corner.

Final Result: Tim Sylvia defeats Brandon Vera via Unanimous Decision


Stephan Bonnar vs. Eric Schafer (205-pound limit)

Round one: Bonnar with a nice right. Then throws a jab followed by a right. Schafer shoots but cant get the take down and now their both clinched up. Both fighters exchanging knees. Schaffer with a nice right. Bonnar working his jab for distance. Schaffer with two good leg kicks. Schaffer pulls guard. Bonnar looking to posture up and now hes dropping elbows. A great left by Bonnar. Back to the feet both fighters are clinched. Schaffer goes for the take down and gets it. Schaffer has the back now. He has one hook in. Schaffer trying to soften him up with punches. Shcaffer looking to lock in the choke. He looses one of his hooks and Bonnar survives for now. Bonnar turns and is back on top. Thats the round, great submission defense by Bonnar. That round could have gone either way.

Round two: Shcaffer pulls guard again. Bonnar on top. Bonnar with 2 HUGE rights! Now Bonnar is raining punches down. Hammer fists from Bonnar. Short tight elbows by Bonnar from the top. Bonnar stuck in half guard looking to pass. Bonnar raining some more punches. Bonna lands two bombs!!! Schaffer is hurt!!! Bonnar looking to finish it!! Thats it! Its over Big John stops it and Bonnar comes away with an impressive win.

Round three:

Final Result: Stephan Bonnar defeats Eric Schaffer via TKO (strikes) in Round 2


Kalib Starnes vs. Alan Belcher (185-pound limit)

Round one: Starnes goes for the clinch and now Belcher uses a knee and right cross. Both fighters clinched up against the fence. Belcher working knees to the thigh. Kalib with a nice take down but Belcher right back to his feet. Starnes is bleeding on his forehead. Belcher working some nice elbows from the clinch now. Starnes with two nice left hands. Belcher with a flying knee from the clinc and a HUGE elbow. Great leg kick from Belcher and Starnes answers with a fantastic combo landing twoo solid rights in the process. Starnes with two more great rights. Belcher with a HUGE uppercut! Followed by another flying knee!! Starnes is gushing blood from his face!! Both fighters clinched again and Kalib lands two good lefts. Belcher with another nice uppercut and a huge knee. Starnes with a shot but Belcher sprawls out. Leg kick by Belcher and they are extremely powerful. Head kick from Belcher. Starnes with a right to close out the round.

Round two: Starnes has a Marvin Eastman type gash over his right eye. Its a brutal cut. Kalib with a nice right. Belcher answers with a one two combo. Vicious leg kick by Belcher. STarnes lands two great shots and Belcher drops his hands and smiles not a smart move. Belcher is putting on a Mui Thay clinic right now. Ref stops the fight to check the horrible gash on Starnes head. Thats it its over the Doctor stops it due to one of the most vicious cuts ive seen in awhile. You can see his skull through his cut thats how bad it is.

Round three:

Final Result: Alan Belcher defeats Kalib Starnes via TKO (Doctors stoppage due to cut)


Jorge Gurgel vs. Alvin Robinson (155-pound limit)

Round one: Robinson with a nice right then a scramble. Gurgel ends up on top. Robinson has full guard. Robinson with some nice hammer fists from the bottom. Gurgel with an elbow. Another scramble and Gurgel passes into a side mount. North South control for Gurgel then back to side control. Not much happening other than jockeying for position. Robinson back to full guard. Nice hammer fists by Robinson, but Gurgel back to side control. Gurgel with full mount but he looses it right away and back to side control. Gurgel with a great full mount, but the bell rings before he can use it. Gurgel won that round 10-9 he dominated the ground game the entire round.

Round two: Leg kick by Robinson followed by a nice left. RObinson shoots and with the take down. Gurgel goes for an armbar and Robinson scrambles now Robinson has the back of Gurgel. Gurgel reverses and is now in Robinsons full guard. Gurgel looking to pass. Hes working persistently looking for a mount.Robinson looking for a Omaplata and uses it to reverse positions. Now Robinson is on top in Gurgels full guard, Gurgel looking for an armbar. Robinson raining down some punches. Working some nice hammer fists. Gurgel is cut now. Robinson dropping BOMBS now!!! Gurgel goes for another armbar but its unsuccessful. Robinson doing some major damage from the top, and Gurgels face is bloodied and battered. Robinson gets that round 10-9, and I have to wonder if Gurgel can recover he took some serious damage to his face in that round and then he proceeded to walk to the wrong corner.

Round three: Gurgel is cut on his nose and eye. Robinson with a HUGE take down. Gurgel has full guard. But Robinson is posturing beautifully and dropping some serious punches. Gurgel going for another armbar. Robinson stifles it with some vicious hammer fists. Robinson still dropping bombs and doing some real damage to Gurgels face. Nice elbow from Robinson. Gurgel is breathing heavy and he looks out of gas. Robinson is really dishing out a beating now and just keeps landing unanswered punch after unanswered punch. Robinson passes and has his back now!!! Robinson raining some more bombs on Gurgels face. Thats the bell. Robinson completely dominated the last two rounds and did some serious damage to Gurgels face. Gurgel wobbles to his corner after this fight and I think its obvious Robinson won that fight.

Final Result: Alvin Robinson defeats Jorge Gurgel via Unanimous Decision


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