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UFC Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale Fight Card from Las Vegas, Nevada

ufc ultimate fighter 6 final roger huerta vs clay guida
Event: UFC The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 6 Finale
Date: Saturday, December 8 at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV
Venue: The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

Main Event:

Clay Guida (22-8) vs. Roger Huerta (19-1)

Main card (televised):

170 lbs.: Mac Danzig (16-4) vs. Tommy Speer (9-1)
170 lbs.: Jared Rollins (5-3) vs. John "War Machine" Koppenhaver (4-1)
170 lbs.: George Sotiropoulos (7-2) vs. Billy Miles (2-1)
170 lbs.: Ben Saunders (4-0-2) vs. Dan Barrera (0-0)

Under card (May not be broadcast):

170 lbs.: Troy "Rude Boy" Mandaloniz (2-1) vs. Richie Hightower (7-1)
170 lbs.: Matt Arroyo (2-1) vs. John Kolosci (8-4)
170 lbs.: Roman Mitichyan (3-1) vs. Dorian Price (7-2)
170 lbs.: Paul Georgieff (5-1) vs. Jonathan Goulet (19-9)

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