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Babalu avoids suspension, NSAC upholds $25,000 fine

renato_babalu_sobral.jpgThe Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) today retained the $25,000 win bonus it initially withheld from Renato "Babalu" Sobral after his controversial submission win over David Heath at UFC 74: "Respect" on August 25.

Even though the decision hit the Brazilian hard in the checkbook, his decision to hold onto a choke well after Heath tapped and the referee attempted to peel him off did not warrant a suspension.

Babalu did take home $25,000 for his final appearance (for now) in the Octagon despite the fine.

The lack of suspension is good news for the mixed martial arts veteran, considering the UFC released him from his contract shortly after the incident.

Babalu is now a free agent and is allowed to fight in other organizations, which should not be too hard once the dust settles.

For more on this situation hit up our Babalu archive.

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