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UFC Quick Quote: 'Loud bark, small bite' for Terry Martin tonight at UFC Fight Night 11

chris leben

"He [Terry Martin] keeps reminding everyone that he's a D-1 wrestler and he can punch hard and stuff. I can see that that's important to him; that he has to keep reminding himself that he's a tough guy. I know I'm a tough guy, so I don't need to tell everyone and talk all the smack to everybody all the time and keep reassuring myself. It's kind of like loud bark, small bite.... I've worked so hard, I'm in such great shape right now. I can fight him in every aspect. A lot of guys say they want to stand with me, they tell themselves that, then as soon as they get in the ring they change their minds real quick.... If he wants to go to the ground, I've just been grappling like crazy, rolling with a bunch of black belts and D-1 wrestlers, as well. This fight in particular, I just feel like it's a terrible match-up for him because I think I'm a better fighter in every aspect than him and if he wants to stand in front of me and slug, we know how that usually works out. You can ask Mike Swick about that one."

-- Chris Leben shares his thoughts on his middleweight fight tonight with hard-hitting Chicago native, Terry Martin, during a recent interview. "The Crippler" and Martin will be featured on the televised main card, which begins at 9 p.m. this evening on Spike TV.

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