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UFC Quick Quote: Tito Ortiz to re-sign UFC contract

Tito Ortiz will crush Wandi and KO Hendo

"I'll be re-signing with the UFC and they gave me what I want. I know a lot of other companies that are asking about me and I can't count how many phone calls I've said 'I can't talk to you guys anymore,' because it's against my contract'.... It's just one of those things. I think if you look at the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship, and you look at a person or a fighter who's made more money for the company than any other fighter in the world, my name's going to be right on top of all those names, way past Liddell, way past Couture because I've had a huge draw and a huge fan base that still support me 100 percent, win, lose, or draw."

-- Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz, tells that he will continue to fight for the organization. "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" has one fight left on his current contract. No terms were disclosed in the interview. Ortiz is penciled in to rematch Rashad Evans at UFC 78 in Newark on November 17.

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