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UFC Quick Quote: Kenny Florian still feels underrated

kenny florian

"I think so in some ways. Obviously there's still something for me to do, so I need to fight those top guys – the Joe Stevensons, the Spencer Fishers, the Din Thomases – those guys I still need to face to prove to everybody. The only way to do that -- to prove you're the best -- is to fight the top guys and beat them. The guys I've been facing right now I've been beating, obviously with the exception of Sean Sherk. I want to fight those guys. I think I have to do that in order to prove that point."

-- Lightweight Kenny Florian tells that he is still out to prove himself as a dangerous and respected mixed martial artist. Now a 155-pound fighter, Florian made it to the finals during the first season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) against Diego Sanchez as a middleweight (185 pounds). Florian will face Din Thomas during the main event at UFC Fight Night 11 on September 19.

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