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Chuck Liddell: In great shape and prepared for Keith Jardine at UFC 76

chuck liddell ufc 76


"Responding to previous allegations that his lifestyle affected his performance at UFC 71, Chuck admits he's at the clubs, but that he's drinking water. Says he goes to bed late, but also gets up late when he's preparing for a fight. Says he doesn't drink at least a month before the fight and probably has only three drinks in the three months before a fight. Says loss to Rampage had nothing to do with that fight and that he was in great shape and prepared. Chuck says he's committed to getting the title back."

-- Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell talks about his upcoming fight with Keith Jardine at UFC 76: "Knockout" on September 22 during today's conference call to promote the event. To read all about what was said head over to To listen to what was said click here (Liddell audio) here (Jardine audio) and here (Kenny Florian audio).

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