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UFC 75: Michael Bisping post-fight comments on win over Hamill

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"As most people will of seen the fight with me and Hamil was a close one. I have seen the controversy surrounding the decision so obviously have to reply. I personally feel he won round 1 and I took rounds 2 and 3. That said it was close and can I understand how some people would think differently. On the night I was given the decision and he wasn't, on another occasion it could of been different. Looking at message boards it appears that some ( major understatement) people are pissed off about my comments after the fight. Looking back I should of given Hammil more credit as he fought a great fight and has improved his all round game a hell of a lot. What you have to remember is though the adrenalin was running through my veins, I had fought a hard fight and was obviously happy to get the decision. I would like to take this opportunity to say well done to Matt for fighting great and bringing the fight to me big time, I should have commented on this on the night. I have contacted the UFC and stated I would like to rematch Hamill at everyones earliest convenience as I'm sure most of you know, no fighter wants a win when the decision is debatable. I am happy for the fight to take place where ever, and look forward to settling the score once and for all. I personally feel we put on a great fight for the fans and perhaps people should focus on this more. I apologise to all my fans who feel let down by anything at the weekend, hey I'm a young man with a lot of emotion and sometimes say things in the heat of the moment."

Michael Bisping issues a few statements via his Web site after eking out a split-decision over Matt Hamill at UFC 75: "Champion vs. Champion" on September 8 in London, England. For post-fight reaction from Hamill click here and here.

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