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UFC 75 recap: Michael Bisping replaces Edward Longshanks as world’s most hated Englishman

UFC 75 Photo by: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/via Getty Images

By Jesse Holland

In case you were wondering:

Deaf: Matt Hamill
Dumb: Jeff Mullen
Blind: Cecil Peoples

I'm giving Doug Crosby a free pass for actually scoring the bout correctly, but this has to be the worst decision since Ted Danson went blackface at Friar's.

And the audacity of Michael Bisping to celebrate in the ring and dance on the soul of Matt Hamill. Bisping did not defeat Hamill -- incompetent officiating defeated Matt Hamill.

Part of what makes this decision such a travesty was the performance of Hamill. I've never been too impressed with his ability in the past but his performance at UFC 75 was a tour de force. For the first time since TUF 3 I'm actually looking forward to Matt Hamill's next fight.

As for Michael Bisping? Not since Edward Longshanks have I've loathed an Englishman with such vigor.

While we're on the topic of European Imports, Marcus Davis gave us the evening's most thrilling performance against Paul Taylor. In the spirit of Hughes/Trigg 2, Davis managed a dramatic comeback worthy of future highlight shows. And credit to the referee as well for making the right call and not stopping the fight.

Marcus Davis has worked hard to rebuild his UFC career and his ability to finish Paul Taylor with an armbar is a perfect example of how far he's come. People who think you only tune in to see marquee names usually miss exciting fights like this one.

Speaking of marquee names, Alessio Sakara may have lost the opportunity to fight one after his quick loss to Houston Alexander. In our exclusive interview, Sakara made such a point of saying that he was a new and improved fighter, yet he still made the same mistakes he made against McFedries and Lister.

I know it's a little early to have Houston Alexander approach the throne, but he needs an opponent who can take a punch - or take it to the ground. Let's see what Tito Ortiz is up to after his rematch with Rashad Evans.

And to all you haters out there: MIRKO CRO COP IS BACK! Well, not really. I just wanted to feel good for the few seconds it took me to type that.

It was hard for me to watch Cro Cop fight Cheick Kongo. Watching him crumpled up against the cage clinging to his little Mirko's after an errant Kongo knee pretty much sums up how I was feeling as well.

Filipovic spent most of his career as one of the world's best. That time has unfortunately come and gone, but however he may end his career in the UFC, there was a time when he was very special.

And let's not take anything away from Kongo. He looked pretty special himself as he dominated every round. Is this really the same guy that got taken down at will by Carmelo Marrero?

Many thought Quinton "Rampage" Jackson would be taken down by Dan "Hollywood" Henderson, but tonight I really noticed how much Rampage has matured as a fighter.

A few years ago Jackson had run-ins with Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Rua and Jesus Christ. I thought each encounter left him one step closer to retirement but he's really hit his stride since then going 6-0 in the last two years and defeating top stars like Lindland, Liddell, and now Henderson.

Where does he go from here? How about Rampage/Rua II? That's assuming Forrest Griffin doesn't throw a wrench in the works at UFC 76.

UFC 75 was a solid event that had some great action and one heinous decision. It also showcased the talents of Yves Lavinge - who believe it or not has yet to be booed. Doesn't sound that impressive until you realize that he's both a referee and a Canadian.

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