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UFC Quick Quote: Sakara set for 'battle' with Alexander at UFC 75

ufc 75 sakara alexander

"As usual, I love to strike on my feet. I'll go after him [Alexander] using my boxing. I'm more experienced than him in the UFC, and I have faced tougher opponents than he has.... I've been training for this fight for over two months. I've been thinking about Sept. 8 before I go to bed. I want to put on my best performance and make this fight a battle. I want to be in great shape for my fans, and I'll fight to win. You can bet on it."

-- Hard-hitting Italian light heavyweight Alessio Sakara talks to about his upcoming 205-pound fight with the hard-hitting Houston Alexander at UFC 75 tomorrow night in London, England. To check out a recent exclusive interview with Sakara click here and Alexander click here.

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