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Terry Martin adds Chicago PD to his list of upcoming opponents

UFC middleweight Terry Martin (16-2) is facing the biggest fight of his life - only this one is taking place outside of the Octagon.

Martin has filed suit against the Police, Mayor and the city of Chicago in response to an October 2005 run-in with law enforcement officials that saw Martin fall victim to a grievous injustice and subsequent cover-up according to

The allegations from Martin's attorney:

On October 22, 2005, Martin was in his car with his girlfriend (a 911 operator for the City of Chicago) when he was stopped by Chicago Police Officers. He was stopped due to a purported minor traffic violation (not using his turn signal). During the encounter, the officers repeatedly called Mr. Martin "n****r" and other disrespectful comments, making references to his career as a professional fighter.

The next day, Martin went to the police station to report the misconduct by these officers. While trying to enter the station, the officers that were involved in the incident the night before saw Martin. They rushed him and arrested him. They handcuffed Martin, refused his request for a lawyer (laughing at him), impounded his car and ridiculed him. Martin was criminally prosecuted for fleeing and eluding, on said date, even though he was approaching the police department, in his car, to complain about the officers' misconduct.

Martin defended himself in criminal court (Defense Counsel, Stuart Goldberg) and won. The police officers contended that a vehicular chase ensued (up to a mile) from the police station. However, and fortunately for Martin, their position was undermined by the fact that one officer, an honest officer who decided not to cover up for his fellow officers, stated that Martin had simply driven his car to the police station (and not fled) just before he was arrested.

Martin isn't pulling any punches (no pun intended) with the hiring of Blake Horwitz, an attorney who's owned more corrupt cops than amateur home video. I'm sure the Windy City has seen its share of lawsuits, but the fact that Horwitz already won a $28,000,000 settlement against them for police misconduct has to have the Mayor of Chi-town looking over his shoulder.

And Kudos to Martin for not rolling over. Hopefully his lawsuit (which could drag on for quite some time) isn't a distraction to his in-ring efforts. He's slated to face Chris Leben at UFC Fight Night 11. A win against "The Crippler" would no doubt earn him some respect in the middleweight division.

At least to anyone outside of the Chicago PD.

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