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UFC Quick Quote: Kenny 'The Killer' Florian

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Kenny Florian

"... it's not a competition, it's a fight. And I'm there to destroy my opponent, I'm not there to compete against my opponent, I'm there to annihilate my opponent. There's no room or space for allowing him to get into the fight, I need to stop him from the moment I step into the Octagon. If not, it's going to be my ass. (Laughs.) And that's been my philosophy out there -- I'm there to kill. That's it."

-- UFC Lightweight contender Kenny Florian shares his new approach to fighting during an interview with The former The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) contestant is set to face crafty veteran Din Thomas in the main event at UFC Fight Night 11 on September 19. Note: This is not a new nickname. Even though it's more intimidating than the current "Ken-Flo."

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