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UFC 75: Fedor Emelianenko to promote new 'Affliction' sponsor at London event

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fedor at ufc 75


"Speaking of [Fedor] Emelianenko, there are reports circulating that he will be at UFC 75 Saturday with UFC Heavyweight Champion [Randy] Couture for what is being called a promotional appearance, since both men have sponsorship deals with the Affliction clothing line. With the status of Emelianenko as the last really big name fighter holding out on UFC, this is nearly as good a reason to watch the show as any of the fights on the card. The worst that could happen is that Emelianenko really has no other reason for attending UFC 75 than to promote Affliction, and people still get to see a rare side-by-side appearance of UFC and Pride's heavyweight champs. Or, in a best-case scenario, all the recent comments by Emelianenko's management and Dana White himself that contract talks have stalled were just a smokescreen to save a really, really big announcement for UFC 75. Either way, this show isn't a pay-per-view, so there is virtually nothing to lose from tuning in on the off-chance that UFC has landed the year's biggest free-agent signing. Emelianenko is not a lock to appear, but at least you don't have to drop $40 (or $50 for those with HDTV) to find out."

So is the appearance of the biggest free-agent name in the sport at a UFC event a "smoke screen" for a done deal or just a happy coincidence? Let the conspiracy theories commence.

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