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UFC Quick Quote: 'The Count' Bisping on his nickname and UFC 75 fight with Hamill

On nickname:

"My old manager told the ring announcer (to introduce me as The Count). I said no at first, but I'm actually a Count in Poland (grandfather was a Polish Count). It embarrasses me a little bit. I made the mistake of telling someone at school and I was subsequently made fun of."

On Hamill:

"I believe the experience will give me an edge. I'm much more of a well-rounded martial artist. I trained with (Hamill) extensively. He's a good wrestler, but not much of an MMAer. And I think I've faced much better competition than him.... In lots of my fights I've knocked them out in the first round. That's my specialty. I have that killer instinct. Fingers crossed, hopefully I can do it again."

-- British UFC Light Heavyweight Michael Bisping tells about the meaning behind his nickname, as well as discuss his upcoming fight with castmate on The Ulttimate Fighter, Matt Hamill, at UFC 75: "Champion vs. Champion" on September 8 from the O2 Arena in London, England.

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